Monday, September 25, 2006


Ok, update on the pre-med life: I filled out one secondary for Medical College of Wisconsin (brr.... cold winters AAH!) and I SHOULD submit the one to the place in St. Louis, and I'm nearly done with the Creighton Essay and the CU essays. I should submit everything later this week....

I'm moving closer to my dream of going to medical school, but I need to remember to draw closer to God. I've been reading a sister in Christ's bloggings about falling in love with God. Do I desire that as much as this dream? Do I thumb through the Bible soaking up His word and His presence just as much as when I flip through theJournal of the American Medical Association and soak up those articles and dream about where I want to be in 8 years ( KT MD!) I have to say that my quiet times have become routine, but I don't have that awe all the time that I would like to have, and honestly, I don't devote as much brain-space to God's word as I do those secondary essays. My spiritual life is suffering. Right now, the equilibrium side of me is heavily favoring the KT's amitions, flesh, etc. etc. side rather than the KT's submission to God, her Creator, Savior, Father, Lord's plan.

I know the cure is leaning more toward Him. I know the cure is reading His word. I know the cure is pursuing my secondaries, but only in the midst of pursuing Him more.

Prayers for this would be appreciated :)

Monday, September 04, 2006

A day in the life...

Ok, so I have been at this Transportation Tech job for 1 month. That explains the absence from the Blogger. As does the filling out the AAMCAS. As does the looking for grad schools if the med school thing doesn't work.

So, what's been going on in the life of this blogger? We - ell, yeah. I'll just describe it in the day of my life as of now.

5:45 am. I get up to the sound of my alarm on my cell-phone going off. Time to get up and change into the scrubs de jour, pack a lunch, and pick up a container of yogurt for breakfast.

6:10 - 7:00 Waiting for the bus, I have my quiet time. I have a pocket Bible, so I've been reading stuff in the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs after reading the Days of Praise devotional de jour. Then I watch the sun come up and thank God for it because it's pretty. Sometimes if someone else is at the bus stop, I chill out with them because they're generally really cool. I get on a sequence of bus - Light Rail - another bus. In between stops, I grub on my yogurt. Mmm.... yogurt.

7:05ish I skid into the Transportation office at Denver Health. Most of my co-workers are already there, and I chill with them and we clock in, and the manger talks to us (who by the way is Christian and formerly pre-med which is way cool). Then the day begins.

7:10 - 12 or 1 ish Morning. I move patients, equipment (sometimes) and other things around the hospital. We're kept pretty busy. We get the requests down in the office, and we, the techs get paged. "Get this person in this room to this procedure and he/she can travel by bed/wheelchair." So yeah. Go in, introduce yourself, get yo gloves on and yeah. The patients are in varying states. Some are chatty, some are groggy, some are grumpy, ya get the point. I ask God to help them especially if they're currently in pain / worried about the procedure etc. etc. I also take blood samples to the lab. They're in bags. Some labs need to go to the lab as in now, so they're labled as Stat. I try and pray for the patients in need of the stat labs specially if they're pediatric patients or from the Mom / Baby unit. Sometimes I recognize the name on the test tube and pray for that person.

12 ish - 1 ish A half hour within that time bracket. Hospital grubbin' time! Yeah, the cafeteria gets crowded!!! I'm like, "Dang it's crowded!" (in my mind). Anyway, I used to use this time in less productive ways, but now as I grub, I write my thoughts about how this is helping me with training to be a doctor, write about interesting cases and what questions I have to look up in Medscape later. And if a case(es) was(were) on my mind from the morning, I try and pray about them.

Afternon until 3:30 More of the same as the morning.
3:30 - 4 ish Bus ride home on a sequence of busses and the Light Rail. I just chill. I have a coworker who rides one bus with me, so we get to chat about the day. It's a nice de-briefing especially if I had a lot of questions about a patient or a 'what could I have done better' thing. I spend some time on the bus praying for the people at the hospital and just relaxing.

home I change out of my scrubs de jour into bum around the house wear. That is, after I give Mom an "I'm home!!" kiss (if she's home). Then I chill out and then I fix dinner if Mom wants me to.