Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Last Paralegal Class!

Greetings from the Arapahoe Community College library! I just finished my...


That's right! All I have to do is finish my last Legal Research paper and pass Legal Research and then I'm doooooooooooooone!!!! :) 

In June 2012, I was beginning classes and I had just signed up to be a volunteer at Colorado Legal Services. In fact, my first legal volunteer experience was at the 2012 Senior Law Day where I helped participants find their conference rooms and timed a speaker in one room about mediation and the probate process. I had heard about it in Intro to Legal Studies and I volunteered with a girl from Property Law. 

That was the beginning of my 1 year long volunteer experience at Colorado Legal Services, 5 month internship at Metro Volunteer Lawyers, and the stepping stone to my present legal assistant position that I have had almost three months. 

I never dreamed I would make it this far and seemingly so easily. I felt God give me a promise that this job search would not be like the last time, and I give all credit to Him. Also, I want to say I am grateful for my ability to do legal work and learn administrative work, but I do not want to take all the glory. That belongs to God alone. 

I've met a lot of good friends in my paralegal program, and I know I will keep in touch with many of them after we graduate. More importantly, I can begin the next phase of my adventures in Denver: Moving out!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom, the free rent was great, but now I'm outta here!!!!! 

So here's to almost having my paralegal certificate! It's been a great journey, now I just have to get back to this research paper so I can finish strong! :) 

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Unity is Epic!

A fellow blogger and my loyal blog-stalker posted on unity focusing on how it might be errantly taught in a church setting. 

I thought about unity today when the Hope Crossing pastor asked us to pray for God to use us in the community. The worship team played a Hillsong song and I thought about my summer mission trip to Boulder with The Rock and suddenly began praying for the believers there. Then I began praying for my peeps at Summitview. Then I even prayed for my little church group way back at Denver Health that I was a part of in 2006. And of course, I prayed for Boaz's church in Parker :) 

I just felt the place in my heart for "my peeps" get bigger :) It was cool! My fellow blogger basically said that unity shouldn't be constrained to just one's local church family. Unity within that group is important, and God can expand your heart to be in unity in prayer with so many other believers!!!! It's really cool and really trippy that you could pray for the whole entire Church - all the Christians on the planet and at that moment, you would be united with every believer. Mind. Blown! 

Today I realized that could be possible when I prayed for all my local churches, and I realized that only with God is this unity on an epic scale possible!