Friday, January 22, 2016

2015: The year of blogger slackdom

2015 was the year of blogger slackdom! 2015 was also the year of continued transition into married life. Now, some bloggers would post a ton about life transitions, but I guess I was so much in the thick of it that I hadn't had much time.

Last year, I also pondered the idea of monetizing the blog and making a bit of a second job out of maintaining this blog and my other blog: A Chance to be Loved. 

So what were my barriers?

  • Time - between cleaning Dork Manor, bookkeeping for The Bank of Dorks (the joint account), hanging out with my lil' man when he was here, hanging out with sweet Bri-Bri, keeping up with my friends so they didn't feel like Katie was sucked into Planet Married-Land with no contact with earth, and stuff like that, I just didn't have time
    • Solution: Time to bust out that Google Calendar! Oh, and my pink planner and actually make time for this! 
  • Tentativeness: Do I really want to get more serious about blogging? Am I sure it will work? What if it doesn't work? 
    • Solution: I just have to trust God if that is how He is leading me and I should probably talk to some Christian ladies I know who are bloggers so I can ask them for practical tips as well as how they trust God with this talent they have. 
    • Also, listen to the Problogger podcast that I have on subscription. Actually do recommended exercises. No time? See point above. 
  • I don't like delving into my past. Just when I saw that telling people about my past has been helpful to them, I realize that it's hard. I forgot how hard it was when I wasn't looking at it on a more regular basis. Yep, that's why my other blog came to a halt. 
    • Solution: See point above and also discuss with sweet hubby and he can be my support. Other solutions include widening the support network. 
So yeah, that's my plan for 2016 to be the year of less blogger slackdom! We shall see how it goes, but making this first blog post of the year is a start!