Wednesday, July 31, 2013

So then I was going along and....What NEW BLOG?

Sometimes my brain goes along and I'm thinking and ... SQUIRREL! 

Well, my writing part of my brain is no different. Actually, I've been thinking about this for a while. 

I have a new blog: :) called When Boaz Showed Up. It's about my adventures in dating. But more than just a blog exclusively devoted to gushing about Boaz, I really wanted to share how God has worked in our relationship, and my reflections on dating and singleness and contemplating marriage. 

Warning: this blog will not be the flowery pretty cover books you see in the women's section of the Christian book store. Because I just want to tell it straight up because that's how God taught me. 

However, I do hope it is an encouragement to all who read it and in reading the blog, they will learn more about God :) 

Da Blawg Update

WHAZZUPPPP BLOGSPHERE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! 

Uhh... Hi! I haven't written in a while. Internship and job searching and Probate and Estates class had been taking up my life UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I am done with Probate and Estates :) The course was taught by a well known probate lawyer who knew his stuff and was excited to teach :) 

No, I did not land a job at his firm, but I am still looking for jobs. Had two interviews so far! WOOT! God promised me this job search would not be like the last one (The Epic Job Search Of 2009 to 2010 in the midst of the Great Recession). First of all, Mom isn't as much on my case day to day (WOO HOO!) and second of all, I have some friends who are also job searching so we feel each others' pain :) More importantly, my trust is in God and that trust and faith in Him have grown so much more solid than they were in 2009. God used The Great Recession to make me put my faith in Him, to thank Him for the talents and skill set He had given me, and to tear away my identity in a job and/or accomplishments to focus my identity on Him. 

That means that I could talk about my job search without constantly crying and melting-down in front of my friends.... AND MY BOAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) Heee heeee heee! 

Giggles :) 

I've gotten to hang with Boaz and his son a few times over the summer. Little guy is cute and we both love Boaz so yeah :) Last night my man was fixing up a scrumptious dinner of chicken breast, Rice a Roni, and beans while singing and dancing in his kitchen. His son and I sat at the table giggling at him. It was great! Then of course, the meal was tasty :) 

Oh yes, and my internship. I am still there :) My supervising attorney has put me in a bit of a position of second in command when it comes to training the newer interns. It feels sorta strange, but nice because I'm learning how to be a good co-worker and leader :) 

I am also working part time at Ross too. WOO HOO MORE MONEY! And a 20% employee discount. I'm using that discount wisely and getting stuff I really do need and not just random clothes and odds and ends. It's a nice little job until I get my first paralegal gig. 

Welp, that's little me in a nutshell. Even though yes, I want a paralegal job, I am honestly thankful and happy for where God has me right now :) :)