Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wedding Planning: Refocus or Stress?

Ok, my last blog post was about wedding planning and my mom freaking out about some things. Well, she is still freaking out about the catering because she decided to pay for catering our reception as a wedding gift. Which is nice, but there is definitely more planning involved than all three of us (mom, Boaz, and I) had intended. So we're working with it.

Like I also said in my earlier blog post, I can look more at the 'stuff to do' than at the larger picture because that's how my mom reacts and I can very easily get into that same mindset.

My aunt reminded me that I need to have a good perspective and have fun. So, I did.

My sweet goofball let me take fun pictures of him with gigantic flowers at Hobby Lobby :) That was a fun moment! I also met the photographer who is a friend of his at his (soon to be our) church. Us ladies giggled about flowers and about silly and cute photos we could take after the ceremony. 

More importantly, my sweet fiance and I find ourselves talking about our future, planning our future, daydreaming about life as Dorks Unite. That's the real fun. There is security in knowing that whatever happens on our wedding day, we will be married at the end, and that's what matters. 

Saturday, June 07, 2014

A moment to relax

The pool at my apartment!

Greetings Blogshere! These last two months have been a whirlwind of wedding planning. Yes, Boaz and I are getting married August 16! A bit earlier than April 2015 when we originally thought. 

I'm excited to get hitched soon, but my (and my mom's) worries.... Ok, mostly my mom's worries threaten to take the joy away from this time. Boaz and I were planning on a simple ceremony and reception. As my mom has offered to pay for certain elements and requested a more formal celebration, I find myself dealing with more details. Sometimes that can get overwhelming, especially when she is calling me daily worrying about things that need to get done. Biaz has been a big help too with helping with the details and being the shoulder to cry on when I can't calm myself and Mom down. He holds me and remind me that God's got this and He is at the center of this wedding and marriage. 

Constantly, God reminds me that I prayed earnestly for the days where I would prepare myself to be an earthly bride. Now I must trust Him in the details.

One sweet reminder was seeing this rainbow when Boaz took me to pick up my dress. 

God  reminded me once again of His faithfulness and some eeks mixed with tears happened! 

And no, Boaz did not see my dress when he took me to pick it up :)

Here's why: