Monday, May 10, 2010

Hope of a job, though not my ultimate hope

So, there might be a possibility of me getting a job working with adults with disabilities. I have to be careful though, that I do not make this my ultimate hope. Do I wait for the phone to ring for the formal interview? Yes. Do I get crushed if I don't get that call? No.

In the past, I have. My hope has jumped from job to job to job. However, now I am realizing that a job is a tool God uses to provide for me and for sending me into a mission field of the people that I interact with in that particular environment. This is probably the greatest paradigm shift that I have experienced during this lengthy job searching process. However, coming to the realization that my ultimate hope is not a title or place of employment, but in my Provider has refined and grown my faith in God and thus worth it.