Monday, February 18, 2013

Where your treasure is...

Woot for getting a lot of homework done today!!!! Well... studying for a test, reading for another class, and writing / editing two short assignments. 

In a way, I'm glad I have a lot assignments to keep my brain busy

Otherwise, I'd be sitting around waiting for Boaz to call. He's en route to Colorado from Pennsylvania. For some reason, I can have this fear that 'oh no, something happened!' that is a carryover from growing up with a worry-wort. 

Anyway,  yeah. Suddenly the verse hit me: "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Matthew 6:21. In context, the verse is about storing up economic wealth. But I realized that Boaz's out of town-ness made me think about how I trust God with him. 

Do I trust that this relationship is from God and that God is taking care of Boaz in the same way He is taking care of me? 

Or do I worry that God would let both of us down by not caring for Boaz and dissapointing us? 

Furthermore, if Boaz' plane got hit by a stray meteor, would I be crushed because I had placed Boaz  in the position of being my everything in place of God? Or would I trust God and be sad, but know God has life go on (and thank God that I wasn't married so I wouldn't have to worry about dealing with Boaz' probate matters along with my own life). 

But it's interesting to think about. Are there times I just wish his plane would get into DIA and I could see a text or hear him on my phone? Yup! Totally! Not just because, "Ooooh, BOAZ I NEED YOU!!" but because I really am interested in how his trip went. And I also do hope he gets a good rest before he goes to work tomorrow :) 

And I am thankful for this trip because for him, he was able to see his son and God used it to give me a reality check to see if Boaz was where my treasure was, or if I am still putting Christ as my first treasure of my heart :) 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just a little bit of history repeating

I know of an elementary school aged boy who has recently had a diagnosis of an attention deficit disorder (ADD or ADHD), but one of his caregivers believes he has something on the autism spectrum. When I heard of his tentative diagnosis, I thought about how I wasn't diagnosed with my autism spectrum disorder (ASD) until age 27, and I felt sad that this little guy might travel down the same path. 

Right now he stands at a crossroads if he indeed has an autism spectrum disorder. 

His educators and other caregivers could evaluate how he does with  interventions geared toward individuals with attention deficits, see if he still needs to be evaluated for other learning disabilities, and refer him to a specialist to test him for ASD. If he indeed has an ASD, he could then receive interventions for that and learn how to adapt to his world. He could have a better quality of life than I did at his age because he would have caregivers and teachers that understood the workings of his brain and use that understanding to him thrive in the world. 

On the other hand, he could get the attention deficit diagnosis, but the intervention might not work because the ASD was missed. He could go through school wondering why he isn't achieving to the level that his intelligence would indicate. He could spend much of his life wondering what he was doing wrong and why he isn't able to act normal. A mentor could help him develop his talents, but he might not get the help he needs if his ASD isn't recognized. This path is harder and he would be more vulnerable to emotional wounds inflicted by caregivers, peers, and teachers that don't understand him. He could self inflict his wounds by constantly telling himself that he is not good enough, he can 'never get it together,' and that he should know better every time he runs into a social mishap. I have walked this path, and I pray desperately that he will not have to. 

However, I do not think he will not walk my same path. Teachers are more aware of Asperger Syndrome and high functioning autism and may pick up that he has it sooner or later. If he indeed has an ASD, hopefully it will be picked up before he enters college. More importantly, this boy has a loving father that loves God. Even though he lives across the country from this child, this father  shares God's love and hope with this child every chance he gets. This boy has heard God's truth and has people praying for him that he doesn't even know. If this child sees God as real in his life and knows God is the one who made him and knows that God is the Creator who made him just the way he is, this boy will not go down my path. This boy's path may still be challenging. However, because of God's grace, this boy's path may be filled with hope.