Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I feel like a post today

My brain is all sorts of random today! Actually, my brain is really just this --->
Today and every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D but anyhoo, yeah! 

I read a friend's blog today because she posted a link for it on FB and I read it like, "Yup! Gotta remember to pray for her - and - oooh! send her a pretty card or something cute in the mail to make her smile because a) it's nice to make people smile and b) it's even nicer when you make 'em smile when they're having a rough patch in life. 

I also read my friend's blog and was like, "Holy crap! I so don't write like that!!!!" Sometimes I think I have more of a dude-style blog. A lot of women's blogs just go straight into, "Today I feel so ____ and I was in a situation where I felt ____ and now I feel _____ and this person made me feel _______ and now after writing this I feel______" and there's much more emotion emitting from it. 

But that's not how my brain works, and that's completely ok because I mean - look at the picture in this post: The brain is COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It just is and God made it and He made mine awesomely even though it doesn't work like everyone elses' tee hee hee hee!

Here's how my posts generally go:

1) Here's a summary of a situation I was in.
2) Here's my analysis from an HDFS and/or Biblical point of view
3) Here's why that's significant to my life and what I learned.

My posts usually can be categorized as analytical posts (following the above outline), the just-for-fun random posts (like this one), updates on my life posts, and mostly in 2010, I had quite a few: TEMPLE GRANDIN IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! posts :D :D heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheeeee!!!!!!!!!!! :D 

I think that recognizing that my blog posts look different from my friends' is a valid point. Seeing a concrete example of how my brain thinks differently than theirs is a reminder to help me interact in their world better :) 

Welp cool! That ends said random post! Now for some rice cookings and eatings and then time to study the anatomy of the thorax since I'm taking Gross Anatomy at CSU (Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  :D