Friday, August 30, 2013

First Week Done!

Hello Blogsphere!!!

Yes, the Facebook post is true!!! I am currently working at a law firm as an office / legal assistant! Today marked the end of my first week at my new job. The law firm handles Probate and Estate planning and administration. Because this is a public blog, I will not reveal the name of my law firm to ensure I comply with its confidentiality policy.

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The people at the firm are very nice! The first day I got to know the receptionist and the law clerk that work there. The law clerk took the bar exam and is waiting for her results. Once she passes (we all assume she will), she will be the fourth lawyer in the firm. The office manager and I were classmates in the Probate and Estates class in the summer. The two paralwgals are also nice, as is the bookkeeper. They have made me feel welcome and are willing to train me on my duties. The bookkeeper sits next to me and noticed I had to lean in close  to the screen. She said she would look into getting a longer cord for my monitor so I could pull it closer. I told her she was so sweet to think of that!!!!

Thinking back to my time at Colorado Legal Services, I see how many of those skills helped me. I had practice talking to clients and using the client tracking system. I also knew how to use templates and how to draft documents. More importantly, I learned how an office environment worked in a practical sense and in a social sene. As an Aspie, I spent that year at CLS learning social skills and being comfortable in that social environment. I learned when we ha to speak and act professionally, and when my co-workers and I could share a small giggle. 

Sometimes I felt overwhelmed with all the tasks because I was learning a new law office and learning new tasks. I think the transition to being a newbie was harder because at my internship, I helped my attorney train some of the new interns. Now I was the one receiving all the training. Fortunately, like I said earlier, everyone was nice :)

I am grateful to God for my new job, and I thank Him every day that I have it :) Here's to growing my paraelgal career with this law firm!!!!!

Friday, August 09, 2013

The man of my 90's love song dreams

On Spotify, I'm making a playlist of the music I listened to in high school and college just for a nice walk down memory lane. 

Google Images - yes that round thing is called a discman. Where things called CDs were inserted for awesome tunes.

Reminiscing about the sappy love songs I listened to from Mariah Carey, N'Sync, and Backstreet Boys, I suddenly realized that when I listened to those songs, those were like prayers to God for Him to find me a man who would make me feel all sappy inside. 

Even in high school, I didn't just want 'arm candy.' I wanted a boyfriend who would care for me and be genuinely interested in me for me. I thought I wasn't worthy of a boyfriend because I didn't look like the girls on the cover of Seventeen magazine. I wasn't rich and I couldn't buy the latest brand-name clothes or drive a stylish car. At sixteen, I was learning how to ride the bus while my other friends were getting cars. I thought I was too different, too nerdy, to shy, to nearsighted to get a boyfriend. 

Somehow through my teen years, God kept me trusting in Him. Did I crush on guys I thought were cute? Yes. My friends and I spent lots of time giggling about famous guys (like N'Sync) and cute guys in our classes. But somehow I had this idea that God would bring the guy to me when I was ready. 

Enter: BOAZ!!!!!!!!! :) 

That's him! SQUEAK!

Sweet, kind, dorky Boaz!!!!! :) 

Loves me for me, cares genuinely for me, and I make him smile - quirks and all! And I want to love him back for those same reasons :) 

Wow! It's so funny how all those years back when I was laying in bed listening to my discman and wondering if God had a boyfriend for me, God was preparing my Boaz for when we would meet.... 15ish years later! He heard the prayers of my heart as I listened to my 90's love songs so one day my 60's guy (because he was born in 1969) to meet and exceed all of them :)