Sunday, April 20, 2014

He is Risen!

Chris is risen! Happy Easter!!!

Today Mom and I went to Hope Crossing and she enjoyed the service :) More importantly,  she and I discussed Christ's resurrection and what it meant for Him to overcome death, sin, and evil. We were both reminded of the reality and Truth of the Gospel.

Today as we discussed church, I was struck by the contrast between now and about 10 years ago. (10 years ago? I feel old... aw :/....). I was in The Rock at CSU and I was a new Christian praying fervently that my mom would see my involvement in the youth group as a phase but as a change brought kn by me knowing Christ as my savior.  Many times during thr first couple of years as a Christian, I spent a lot of time explaining my faith to my mom. My friends were used to me literally crying in prayer for God to be real to my mom.

Today as we walked out of church discussing the service,  I smiled because on the day Christ defeated sin and death, He answered one of my deepest longest prayers.  When then pastor proclaimed , "Christ is Risen!" Both my mom and I responded in faith,

"He is risen indeed!"