Sunday, February 19, 2017

Spiritual Equlibrium: The Reboot

Rebooting is so this century! DC Comics are rebooting Justice League (from way back in the day) Star Wars is doing episodes 7 - 9, and Star Trek just completed its trilogy for its reboot.

Oh, and I'm turning into a geek being married to Bri-Bri and helping him raise Daniel who is also a geek in training thanks to his dad.

Justice League: With a Polynesian Guy!

Star Wars: The Force is strong with strong women!

Star Trek: The New Cast, but Leonard Nimoy cameos here and there

Anyway, I decided to get back into blogging. I took a hiatus because I was tired, nauseous and pregnant. Then I took another hiatus because I was getting accustomed to life with a newborn.

So, why the reboot? Well, why did any of the above franchises reboot? Um.... Revenue!

I'm not looking to monetize the blog right away, but I am getting back into the habit of writing to at some point publish a book of some kind. There is no spoiler alert for that one because I honestly have no idea about the particulars.

Anyway, the other reason the franchises rebooted was because someone on staff thought they could take the existing universe (DC, Star Wars, or Star Trek) and do some new creative things with it.

I am also taking this existing blog and doing some creative things with it such as:

  • Parenting dimension: I'm not switching it over to it being a parenting narrative blog, but my parenting experiences will most definitely be incorporated.
  • Spiritual Lessons Learned: Most of the posts were drafted and published during my time in my college youth group. Though I continue to learn and grow in my faith, I have seen ways that those lessons have continued to serve as a guide to how I go about my faith journey as a paralegal, wife, mom, and stepmom.
  • More thoughts on Adoption: I did start a dedicated blog on that, but then life happened. I want to incorporate more of how my identity as an adoptee influences how I view my parenting, how I view my son and stepson's development, and even how I view some current events. Obviously, posts on here will incorporate a Christian point of view, whereas I don't think my posts on my other blog have done so in an overt way.
So, yeah. I'm aiming for a blog post a week. Sometimes there will may be more, sometimes life with a baby, stepson, and husband will completely take over and I might not post. But, my goal is to be as consistent as possible.

May the reboot be with me!
Blog long and prosper!

And yes, the geek tie-ins will certainly continue!
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